Sex Work: The Ropes

5 Reasons to Become a Sex Worker

I love my job. Do you?

Often dubbed the “oldest profession“, isn’t it time we stopped casting a damp shadow on the millions of people selling their bodies?

Despite its notoriously seedy reputation, sex work actually has some serious pro’s – here’s a list of 5 reasons why you should consider sex work for your side hustle:

The Money!

earn money in the adult industry

This may be the first reason that comes to mind and often, the sole reason anyone enters the industry at all. Like any other self-employed role or commission-based job, it averages impressively in comparison to stacking shelves or looking after your neighbour’s dog!

As far as side hustles go, sex work ticks all the boxes: you’re in control of your hours and rates, you make the rules and limits, and your customer pays a high rate for – whatever YOU deem acceptable.

These high profit-margins make sex-work a great choice for busy parents, start-up owners, serious savers and anyone in between! Anything from a few extra makeup products at the drug store to a few of the nicest houses on the estate: it is what you make it…

…And I’m here to help you make it!

So, how much do sex workers actually earn? This depends on the services offered, the commission rates, the location, the quality of the service, the service provider’s limits and experience – and so much more!

But let us assure you, sex workers putting in 30+ effective hours per week, are earning enough to run a family home and purchase luxurious extras on a regular basis – because the demand is fierce!

See what you will need to take in your stripper bag here! Or take a closer look at how to become a sugar baby!

The Hours!

work good hours in the adult industry to make extra money

Some sex workers complain about unsociable hours.

Like any job, every evening or weekend is not going to be convenient, but this is a matter of perspective! Realistically, chatting the chat is equally as important as dancing the dance. This means that socialising IS a huge part of the job!

The self-directed nature of the hours (as discussed above) is useful for instances where work is no longer a priority.

Perks like the party atmosphere, the free reign to consume alcohol and the fact that you can arrive and leave at your own leisure, make this nocturnal job far exceed its traditional night time work competitors.

This means you can work your regular 9-5 and make some extra cash in the evenings!

Who doesn’t want to get all dressed up, have a few cocktails with the girls AND GET PAID FOR IT?!

The Health Benefits!

health benefits of the adult industry

Sex is well known to burn calories. Yet, nobody ever quite anticipates the exhaustive nature of sex work, both physically and mentally.

Dancing, camming, sugaring, escorting and domming are all extremely active roles. From pole shows to hogties, the sex industry will promote impressive stamina, toned muscles and a supple and flexible frame.

Pole fitness is an exhilarating and beautiful way to keep fit – and surprisingly easy to pick up – even easier when working regularly at a lap dancing club! Practise makes perfect in this industry so most club managers may allow you to arrive early to squeeze in some pole-time before the club gets too busy!

If you’re not quite ready to invest in lessons head over to Youtube to teach yourself the basics! But remember to be careful: pole takes time so have some patience and don’t push yourself too far!

As long as you make good choices in your work, it can be a very healthy job role with some vigorous cardio!

The Empowerment!

become an empowered feminist by working in the sex industry

This one isn’t necessarily something I expected in such copious amounts. The empowerment, the confidence and the liberation are all refreshingly abundant in this line of work!

Shocking, right? But when we take control of the objectification of our bodies, we become empowered!

As we all know too well, women are expected to fall in line, accept their vulnerability and spend their lives in a sexist and unjust society that does not protect or serve us as it should.

Sex work is my way out. It is the opposite of this.

Apart from the panic buttons dotted throughout gentlemen’s clubs, dancers can also carry personal alarms. In some clubs, bouncers will even be able to access live CCTV footage from a mobile or tablet.

So, when you think of strip clubs, try to leave the seedy element out and imagine a sophisticated, sexy, light-hearted environment where all genders are equal.

Working at a strip club is statistically safer than a conventional night out. The last things I feel at work, are victimised and vulnerable.

And if something happens? All I have to do is raise my hand or press the ‘Naughty-Boy’ button and the situation will be dealt with by the bouncers and management team with haste!

Having said that, these safety implementations, amongst others, are the reason dancers pay a HOUSE FEE. Whereas in independent sex work, where there are no bouncers present, safety approaches are different!

The community element of sex work is very strong and united. This is probably due to the fact that sex workers can be looked down on, even by their own clientele, and so the sisterhood becomes our mentally safe place.

This is an example of society punishing the service providers rather than the service users which creates a tight-knit circle of strong people, of survivors and of individuals with outstanding patience.

To sum up, if you’re feeling a bit self-conscious or inadequate, sex work is the ultimate cure! I guarantee you feel powerful, enlightened, accomplished and appreciated.

The Potential!

an unusual way to get famous: sex work

Possibly the most important and unexpected of this list is the career potential that being a sex worker gives you. It is not new for successful porn actors and adult industry workers to jump into the mainstream spotlight.

This was the move that rapper, Cardi B and actors Cameron Diaz and Sasha Grey used to launch them to the summit of their fame which now gives them an effortlessly embellished lifestyle.

Whilst it is critical to think about your limits when considering entering the industry, it is equally important to think about your career progression and how you wish to use the adult industry to propel you into a comfortable and happy existence!

So, is sex work for everyone? No.

But you tell me, is it for you?

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