Sex Work: Fascination

Aims of The Fascination Sex Work Project

Aims of The Fascination Sex Work Project

The Sex Work: Fascination project is an exhilarating and rigorous series set to explore the world’s most tempting – and unexpected – sexual fetishes and kinks!

Do you have a story to tell? Interested in getting involved?

We are on the hunt for the most unusual fetishes to research, understand and teach about!

We are aiming to normalize fetishes through the art of conversation – after all, kink is just pretending for adults!

With better understanding, comes an opportunity to be heard and to learn something.

One major aim of this project is to expose the misapprehensions of less typical sexual inclinations and dispel these rumours – once and for all.

We hope that our expert guests will be able to help us understand these fetishes!

If you are curious about a fetish, feel free to comment to request or suggest…

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Strip club drama and bananas-up-butt-holes. Fill your thigh-highs with the inside stories and everyday musings of a sex-positive, misconception stomping, feminist sex worker.

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