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Everything You Need to Know About Camming

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We thought we’d iron out some creases around what cam models really do – on and off camera and how to become a webcam model!

What is a Cam Model?

A cammer (the majority are female but any gender can offer this service) is someone who performs a live show and broadcasts it to a paying audience via their home computer, laptop or phone.

This “show” can include chatting, stripteases, masturbation, toys and fetishism!

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How Does Camming Work?

Most often, the customer uses an online platform like Adultwork or Chaturbate to browse and preview the cammer’s “rooms” before paying per minute.

(A “camming room” is your little space on the internet to broadcast. Think: ticket sales on the door!)

Once the customer selects which cam model they would like to chat with, based on what they’re looking for, they enter the room and pay per minute using pre-paid tokens which all happens via the website without the model having to worry about any of it!

These platforms will often take a commission rate of anything north of 30% on any earnings via their site. With their payment systems being so automatic and fast, companies that take a larger chunk, really do know their value to this huge market.

Cammers can set their own room prices and tell their audience what they like to do on cam via their profile. Many sites have progressed to the sale of content and used personal items as well. Straight from a sex worker to their audience.

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What Should you DO in front of the Camera?

Most customers will be seeking services of a sexual nature (obviously!) and their requests can vary massively: from fetish and kink to good old fashioned masturbating in front of the camera. Cam girls who put time and effort into their shows can become very successful.

Some models work solo and some models team up on camera, but this is down to preference. The content of your shows can be. literally, anything. The more crazy and unique, the more interest you will get.

Remember to consider how you will keep your customers once they arrive in your room! Games are great for enticing potential clients and interactivity is crucial for keeping them!

If you’re nervous about starting your broadcasting side hustle, remember that no two days on cam will ever be the same and what you will be doing will largely depend on the customers you attract. This is always your choice and it is your right to refuse any requests you’re uncomfortable with.

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How Much do Cam Models Earn?

A cam model’s potential to make a good living is largely dependant on the hours they contribute, the size of their following, how they take direction from viewers and their personality.

Some successful cam models even broadcast without showing their faces which means that camming success hinges more on the energy you bring to your room than how you actually look on camera.

I would estimate. from my own experience, that cam models often charge between £2 and £5 per minute for a private show, meaning your attention is solely for them. The customer can leave at any minute so keeping the show interesting and interactive is crucial when camming.

The average cam show, for me personally, lasts 20-40 minutes, excluding all the customers who pop in for a quick hello and, for whatever reason, dip out before I can even reply. However, some cam shows can last hours. Bear in mind, you can also evict customers and leave the show at any point.

Aspects such as whether you allow your audio to be heard by the client, whether you show your face and the quality of your feedback will influence potential customers so don’t underestimate the amount of work that high-earning cammers put in to keep on top of their profiles!

Realistically, a cam model, with a following of 150 regular customers, who is working a 38 hour week, can earn approximately £3000 per month, if done effectively.

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Who Should be a Cam Model?

Cam models can be any gender, size, race or sexuality – if there’s an audience for it, you will make money.

It is a great option for those looking to get into the industry and want to experience it from the safety and comfort of their own homes and securely via an official platform where payment is handled internally.

With safety and privacy being a secondary benefit for many – this area of sex work also allows you to work from home and ditch the office.

Additionally, the self-led nature of camming makes it ideal for parents, students and anyone else with a hectic and unforeseeable schedule!

It is also a very suitable path for sex workers who have a niche or fetish speciality, as it connects them with a much wider audience.

Just think about it: a teacher by day and sex worker by night. She wants to keep her identity under wraps but also needs to make more money. Camming allows her to focus on sexualising and selling something that does not reveal her identity. A great example of this is cammers who only show their feet on cam and solely target foot fetish clients.

How do I Become a Cam Model?

Becoming a cam model takes about 24 hours if you put your mind to it – but it does require age verification on any worthwhile platform.

Cam models need a laptop, access to the internet, a private space to work in and a high-quality webcam. Most cammers recommend this Logitech Webcampurpose-built just for streaming your content in the highest quality.

Your first job is to select a platform to work upon: Adultwork and Chaturbate are two of the most widely used. But take some time to use each platform as a visitor to see which suits you best.

From here, you will need to create a profile and upload some saucy content to entice your viewers! Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to the other models you see on the site: every cammer has their own style and diversity is what makes these sites so successful!

Is There any On-Going Support for Webcam Models – Technical or Otherwise?

If you are a first-time cammer, I would recommend Adultwork as it has the option to join an agency or group – free of charge! The group owner will take a commission of your earnings – along with the platform taking 30% – and in return, your agent will provide benefits such as free photoshoots, merchandise, training, profile set up and troubleshooting 24/7.

My own experience as a cam model has led me to recommend the Adultwork Boudoir Webcammers group, who provide full training and are always on hand to help with anything you need, as well as taking a cut of just 6% – the lowest available on AdultWork. They also provide an optional WhatsApp support group containing all of their wonderful models – who are also on hand to guide you through your broadcasting journey!

We asked the group’s manager, what her top tip for newcomers is:

“Definitely be consistent! Camming is like fishing. If you wait it out and keep persevering, you will be sure to catch a big fish – a high paying client. With consistent and structured hours, you build your regular clients who become addicted to making you smile by giving you money!”

And what happens when we get regular clients, my fellow cammers?

Not only do we make more money on cam, but we get the chance to engage with potential sugar daddies for regular income too!

Read our guide on Sugaring here!

Now, we want to know…

What are your Favourite Live Show Themes and Broadcast Game Ideas?

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